5G radio access networks: the way forward

A look into key challenges, opportunities and testing best practices when preparing for and deploying 5G radio access networks. Download the technical poster to learn more about:

  • New 5G technical requirements
  • Key test areas in the fronthaul and backhaul networks in preparation for 5G
  • Strategies to boost your network’s performance and efficiency

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The shift from 4G to 5G. Are you ready?

5G is set to completely revolutionize the way mobile networks operate. Capabilities, including 1 Gbit/s to the device, 1 ms latency and five-9's availability, will give carriers the ultimate leverage to up their performance game and deliver innovative, digital service levels never thought possible before.

But to successfully make the transition to 5G requires new insight, methodologies and tools to ensure that next-generation networks perform flawlessly. EXFO’s new free technical poster, 5G radio access networks: the way forward, gives a handy and detailed overview of key considerations service providers should be aware of as they embrace 5G. Download it today!

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