Intelligent Operations for a 5G World

Download the special report from TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019

  • Learn how service assurance is evolving to become a business critical, responsive real-time (or predictive) “central nervous system” for 5G networks.
  • Learn how open-standard development is key as customer and industry relationships become increasingly collaborative and consultative.
  • Read how Tier 1 operators like Vodafone, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and BT are evolving as digital transformation gathers pace.

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5G Done Right

At TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2019, the industry came together to delve into the really thorny issues that at times have threatened, and in some cases continue to threaten, the very nature of the telecoms industry.
The ‘Intelligent Operations for a 5G World’, report covers these issues including the importance of open APIs, Artificial Intelligence and the role of network automation and service assurance. With the move to working in ecosystems, more than 30 Catalyst projects were presented at DTW19, where global operators could be seen working together to identify the basis of new commercial opportunities that will come with 5G.

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